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Global Forestry Investments are a leading ethical and forestry investment developer.. With offices in Brazil, Dubai and London, our aim is to demonstrate to clients that ethical investments can deliver strong investment returns over short, mid and long term horizons.

As an independent, alternative investment developer,, we are committed to delivering strong investment returns through sustainable teak forestry. Global Forestry Investments believe that investments in overseas forestry will bring diversity, growth and stability to any investment portfolio.

At Global Forestry Investments, we pride ourselves in having an ethically focussed, transparent and committed culture. It is these values that not only deliver strong investment returns to our clients, but also assist in our quest to preserve the natural Brazilian rainforest and complete our socio-economic projects.

Why Invest?

There are a number of good reasons to invest in timberland investments.


Timberland investments are uncorrelated to traditional investment strategies. As a result, within a bull or bear market, an investment portfolio can achieve true diversification and offset market volatility.


Consistency is a highly sought-after in investments. Knowing exactly what you will receive over the specified investment horizon allows investors to effectively plan ahead for the future. Global Forestry Investments have streamlined an investment that will return a fixed 10% investment return per annum over the investment horizon.

Transparency and simplicity

Understanding Timberland investment returns is incredibly straightforward. Unlike complex derivative strategies, investors can clearly appreciate the mechanics behind timberland investments.

With international boycotts on harvesting natural Teak through illegal forestry activities, the supply chain is being squeezed placing more demand on cultivated plantations. With global populations booming in the next 40 years, demand for Timber will naturally increase.

Client Asset Protection

Investment security is of paramount importance to Global Forestry Investments. We have minimized investment risk by transferring our timber plantations into trust. The land is controlled by a UK Trustee, Title Trustees International This means that the investment can essentially continue without Global Forestry Investments involvement.

Brazil is historically free from hurricanes, floods, storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. However, with climate change becoming ever more apparent, the investor’s chosen rental and management company generally offers insurance of their plot(s) to protect investor’s assets in the event of a natural disaster.protect investor’s assets in the event of a natural disaster.


An investment solution that can assist with:-

  • Retirement Planning
  • Long Term Investments
  • General Savings
  • Education Fee Savings
  • Trust Estate & Planning

How To Invest

There are three ways to invest in the Belem Sky Plantation opportunity:-

  • Direct Investment
  • Offshore Bond – GFI are currently the only Ethical Forestry Investment Manager to obtain offshore bond approval
  • STM Life – Brochure

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