Investment Opportunities

An investor can obtain rental returns after the first 12 months thus making The Belem Sky Plantation not only an ethical investment but also a profitable investment.

Investment Packages

We have several investment packages that you can choose from:

forestry assosiations

Suitable for individual RETAIL investors
Minimum investment £5,000 equaling 0.1 Hectares allowing for up to 100 trees.

Contact us for more information about GFI Streamline.

sheet investments on forestry

Suitable for Companies and CORPORATE investors
Minimum Investments £20,000 equalling 0.45 hectares allowing for up to 450 trees

Contact us for more information about GFI Premier.

Suitable for Consortiums and Funds Investments
Minimum investment £100,000 – equalling 2.5 hectares allowing for up to 2500 trees.

Contact us for more information about GFI Optimum.

The Belem Sky Plantation

The Belem Sky Plantation is strategically located in a region (Belem) that is the closest to Europe and North America, making it the #1 location in Brazil to produce and export agriculture products and timber.

The Belem Sky has a huge advantage on other teak plantations as the trees are 8 years old and are ready for the first thinning cycle.

  • Phase 1 – 340 Plots available
  • Phase 2 – 340 Plots available
  • 8 year Mature teak investment
  • Minimum investment £5000 per plot
  • Minimum 10% ROI PA
  • Land transferred into a UK trust
  • Short Term investments option – Starting at 3 Years
  • Early returns
  • SIPP compatible
  • Early buy back option available

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