Investment Process : Direct Sales

direct sales forestry
  • Client signs a Reservation Application having reviewed the terms of the investment and forwards it, along with relevant Anti Money Laundering documentation to GFI.
  • Client pays purchase price to TTI (payment of the full purchase price will speed up completion of the investment, although investors may make a Reservation Payment which is less than the full Purchase Price).
  • There is a 7 day cooling off period after the date of signing of the Reservation Application.
  • Clients who have signed a Reservation Application are sent Investment Agreements and Rental Agreements, to sign and return to GFI.
  • Client pays any remainder in his purchase price to TTI.
  • TTI issues a Certificate of Declaration of Trust to the Investor to evidence his/her beneficial rights to his/her trees and plot.

*The investment process differs slightly for SIPP investments.”

The rental company will ensure all management and maintenance of the plot is carried out and will take its fees and costs from the harvest proceeds as well as pay the agreed rental fee to the investor from these funds.

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