Timber Investments

Teak wood (tectona grandis) is the most planted species in the world, it’s a genus of tropical hardwood trees. They are large trees, growing to 30-40 metres tall, used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, indoor flooring and as a veneer for indoor furnishings, yacht building, flooring, carving, cabinetwork, paneling, tanks, vats, and fixtures requiring high resistance to acids. Because of its many uses, demand for Teak has risen steadily over time.

teak wood

Teak and Timber are currently in growing demand, however there is a diminishing supply, plus a drastic need to stop logging rain forests where old teaks stand. The solution to this is sustainable forestry and timber logging. Brazil makes a great place to do this with 365 days a year of direct equatorial sunlight, lots of rain and it’s proximity to some of the worlds major Teak markets.

Investment Opportunity

GFI is offering investors the opportunity to participate in an ethical, green, sustainable and profitable business. By planting hardwood Teak trees on deforested land in the tropical Brazilian rainforest. The plantations are harvested over 25 years providing income from timber sales.

We offer various investment structures including the opportunity to purchase saplings in our plantations and own the economic rights to those trees until they are harvested. Our experts will manage the growth of your trees assuring maximum returns on your investment. We also offer sales of individual plots of land on which Teak trees are already growing and for which you can chose your own rental company to lease the plot from you and deal with its management At different stages of the growth cycle, thinning will take place to ensure maximum growth of the remaining trees. This thinning generates income, providing you with returns at various stages during the 25 years.

You can take satisfaction from the fact that you are helping to conserve the natural rainforest, offsetting your carbon footprint and alleviating poverty in a fully certified and sustainable project.

Teak vs Traditional Investments

How does buying Pacific Teak compare with conventional investments?

In comparison, real estate, gold, stocks, and mutual funds have historically shown to experience considerable volatility. Comparatively, Teakwood, as a green investment, has demonstrated much less fluctuation with consistent and sustained increases in value over long periods of time. Savings bonds are safe and predictable, but returns historically have been very low.

With a Teak purchase, you are likely to experience the competitive returns normally associated with more high-risk or speculative investment but without the speculation and high risk. Your green investment grows in value every year, regardless of stock market or gold volatility. And unlike real estate, a Teak purchase does not require ongoing maintenance payments, capital improvements, management fees or headaches.

The global Teakwood market is driven by growing demand and shrinking supply, making your green investment more valuable each year as it grows to maturity.

Why Teak?

Teak is one of the most valuable of all hardwoods due to its strength and durability. Known for its weather-proof qualities, Teakwood garden benches have graced the parks of England for over 100 years, and Teak is the wood of choice for marine applications around the world.

Teak trees grow tall and straight with round treetops, oval shaped leaves, and rounded-triangular shaped trunks. Their rate of growth depends on several factors, including environmental, topographical, drainage, as well as types and qualities of both soil and seeds. Other factors such as temperature, climate, humidity and rainfall impact the development of Teakwood since it thrives only in locations with distinct wet and dry seasons. Teak plantations, or farmed Teak, can be found in equatorial regions of Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

Teak is a species that thrives in plantation environments. Due to its substantial oil content Teak naturally protects itself from many elements such as insects, bacterial diseases, fungi, excessive dry or wet conditions, and even acids. Once a Teak tree is two or three years old, its natural oil content will protect it even from forest fires – which are very unlikely – in the lush tropical rain forest.

Teakwood is one of the most durable, beautiful and valuable natural hardwoods in the world. Hard, heavy, strong and versatile, Teakwood has a multitude of uses. The furniture industry accounts for the vast majority of its use

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